Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Character Rig

I want to add pillows and a bed under the character. So it's not 100% finished, but here it is =]

It's Max in the middle of his detox.


  1. Hi Cassie. Thanks for posting something up. Your group worked well on the planning of this pose. That sounds a bit funny for a pose lying on a couch. There is some nice asymmetry in the limb positions creating some good negative space effects.

  2. its looking great cassie. he definitly looks like he's in pain. I'd like it see if you can make his hands a little more interesting next time. see if you can get those fingers to look a little more like they have their own individual personalities. granted they always come in sets of four but they don't all have to try and copy eachother all the time :P perhaps the index and middle have a little more energy than the other two so they could be extended out a little more. I may not be right in saying this so anyones more than welcome to correct me but I feel that hands are just as important as the face when it comes to showing emotion. *especially when the hand is so close to the face*

  3. lol max - "geez jacking of these days is hard work"

  4. WiLL! Raise your commentary to more cerebral heights please.

    Good points Mitch.