Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

So this weekend has been super busy, with coming up for ideas for my narrative (plans are starting to form - that is always a good sign =] ), work, and other various things, I managed to take some time to make a couple of plushies, hooray!

The other day Jess at Tafe asked me to make an owl, so I started working on some plans. I bought some fabric, and some gorgeous material so here a couple I have made! Still working on one for Jess. It's coming!


Ideas for narrative piece:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Frank's Cat

Last week I was asked to make a cat for Frank. Yesterday I gave this gorgeous thing away, and Frank (and my animation class) absolutely loved it =) I was so happy with how the cat turned out! She took a while to make but was totally worth it. I especially love her collar. I got the lace from a market stall and still have some left for a few other things. 

I am now off to make a couple more creatures =) Have a great weekend!

Trailer Central

Some wicked animation trailers for you to browse over the weekend =)

Despicable Me

How to train your dragon

Toy Story 3

Now this one isn't animation but it is based on an animation series, 
Avatar The Last Airbender

Camera fly over 2 + rendered pics

Here we go, another camera fly over + the rendered stills from it =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo Tuesday

Here's some photos from the last couple of weeks!

The one below are some concept sketches for our Reverse Garbage stop-mo piece. The watercolour pics are mine, Jack's is the sketchy one and the pastels are Sarah's. I really love the monsters =)

The photo below is some more group artwork on the right, and on the left is the artwork that was found around Tafe. Gotta love Avatar.

All the photos below are from Reverse Garbage. It shows the materials you can buy, plus some stuff around the place. I really like the bike cave. It's insanely cool!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tropfest and Acting

Tropfest was fantastic last night! There were some brilliant short films and it was a great night out. My favourite would definitely have to be the stop motion dice film called 'One'. It was really well done. I also found the 'Falling Backwards' film interesting because the whole film must have been filmed forwards then put on rewind. It was pretty trippy and something new I haven't seen before. I got a couple of photos of the night. The atmosphere was great! If you didn't go this year, make sure you go next year!!!

Last Friday in class Frank took us for some acting lessons. We did the do-si-do but as different things, old women, dogs, and I think everyone's favourite - zombies. And how did dancing zombies go? Well, they ate everyone. Never invite a zombie to a bushdance.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fun

So when The Princess and the Frog came out I was super excited to see it! And it was fantastic when I saw it back in January! This week I have really gotten into the music from the movie! It's just so much fun, and great to listen to. Here's a couple of clips from the movie:

(This one's the best =P)

This week I have really been artsy crafty and I have accomplished quite a bit =) So here are some pictures of things I have made/works in progress.

1. I make encaustic art (paintings made of wax onto card.) You do it by getting the card, placing it on a flat surface, then you get your wax and spread it onto a hot iron then place the iron on the card. It's pretty tricky to get the hang of, but it's heaps of fun =) In high school we had an art/craft night and I sold some of these pictures and some hand made cards. It was a good night.

2. All my sewing materials I have at the moment. I love the material. Most of them are carpet samples. I also have a bag of stuffing sitting beside me. =P

3. Some cards I used to sell. I really think handmade cards are better than store bought ones.

4. & 5. Some character designs/doodles in class. Maybe some ideas for my narrative....?

6. Today I took my little abstract creature to class to show my team it is possible to make creatures for our stop-mo. And Frank asked me to make a cat (and Rachel asked me to make an octopus), so I thought I'd give it a go! So here's the WIP for it so far. I love the buttons for his eyes.

7. A while ago a friend of mine made me a calico bag. It started to fall apart but I absolutely love it! So sewed it up and added badges and pockets, and extra beads to it =) Now it is a very styling bag.

My week was very creative, and I managed to blog it =)
Expect more blogs!

Last Maya Post Of The Day

Using the Norman rig. This was done to get a feel for the controls of the rig. I will try to animate him next time I'm in Maya!

Camera fly through

My first camera fly through. This was the first time I've animated a camera =)

Animation spelt through letters.

This is the final product from everyone's letters that were made in class last week/today. I really like the designs of each letter. Go team, YES!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuff I made this week

I've decided to try and post as many blogs as I can this year. It's my Chinese New Year resolution because I already have a New Year's one =P So here's the stuff I made/bought this week =)

1. & 2. I got a new bookshelf this week and stuck them on my desk.

3.I drew this guy in my book on Tuesday when my group was brainstorming ideas for our project and made him in 2 days. The creature is made from this really nice fabric and is filled with polyester fibre filling (I bought it in a bag from Riot today). I'm still trying to come up with a movable character that can work well in a stop-mo project. It was good to sew him because now I know what stitching is good/bad, how much stuffing to put in and what not to do...

4.I made a duck earlier this week and gave it to a friend then I tackled the abstract creature =] The duck is made from carpet material and is filled with beans (from a bean bag). The beans made on odd feeling when you squished it together, and they made a crackly noise.

5. Bought these from a discount store a couple of weeks ago. I plan to stitch them onto a bag sometime in the future.

I also have a few pages of concept sketches I wouldn't mind posting but at the moment do not have access to a scanner....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paper Creatures

Working around with character ideas for our community project with Reverse Garbage =) We are doing an animation for them and at the moment are deciding on the medium. Flash? Stop-mo? Both?

I quite like the idea of doing a stop motion animation using materials and artwork from their store. I also really want to make some plushies. I have a few ideas for creatures that I can make so I'll give it a go!
If you haven't heard of Reverse Garbage visit them online here.They're in Brisbane (West End) and they get materials from business from all over Brisbane and sell them at super cheap prices to the public. Great for art materials! You can get fabric, wood, paper, plastic, computer parts, old bikes and all sorts of bits and bobs.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Robot

Last post of the day =) Moom is a rather cool, easy to use rig. But my favourite is the squirrel. Even though he's more difficult to use, I like him.

Poses for the end of the day =)

Spud gets eaten by Arnie who is being stalked by Squirrel. =]

Arnie in 3D!

Back view -

Front view - Without textures -

Arnie in colour

He's in colour. And he's beautiful