Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sharing is Caring

I have alot to share today =)

Kuky se vraci
An interesting upcoming movie that combines live action and puppetry. It looks super interesting. The story is about a teddy bear, called Kooky,  that is thrown away by his six-year-old owner. The bear comes to life in the rubbish dump and makes his way to a mysterious forest, where he meets the forest's guardian.

I did some looking around and found some of the storyboard art for the movie on Facebook. 
The pictures are simple. But you can tell what's happening in each of them.

This short film is brilliant! Technically animation...? It does make drawings move.

The Pixar Online Library has some interesting notes on animation. The articulating appeal one is interesting. It explains how Pixar went about creating the rat characters in Ratatouille.
Pixar Online Library

I love looking at the work of these two fantasy artists.
Steve Argyle
Dan Dos Santos

That should keep you bus for a while, enjoy!

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