Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

So today the class went to see the movie 'How to train your dragon' and I absolutely loved it! Dreamworks really hasn't been that great recently but this movie was absolutely fantastic and totally raised my love for Dreamworks.
The dragon, Toothless, was absolutely adorable and totally had me awww-ing at him the whole time. He reminded me of my cat, and alot of his actions mimicked those of a cat. Even his character design was like a cat, the eyes especially. And I particularly loved when he attempted to smile.

I also really enjoyed the sheep. They were great =) And the main character, Hiccup was absolutely great. His sense of humour was fantastic and he was a great viking. I was really happy with the ending, I don't really want to ruin it for people that haven't seen it, but I loved the way it ended. It wasn't you're typical ending where the hero comes out unscathed but it was really great.

Also, I really enjoyed the 3D. It worked brilliantly with the animation. I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D and found myself a bit dizzy at parts. I don't think 3D really works well with live action but with animation is just added another level of awesomeness.

My love for this film is insane. And I really want to see it again. If you haven't seen it, Go. Now. 


  1. Thanks for the review Cassie. I like that a few animators are expressing a few opinions, likes and dislikes about the film.

    I too liked the sheep and I'm sure there is a junior animator who scored the job of animating the sheep in the film. Those secondary character animation jobs always look like the most fun.

    The important step after noting a few likes and dislikes is to convert those thoughts into something practical to improve yourself as an animator.

    For example, you related to Toothless as he reminded you of your cat. What particular things? I also liked the studies the animators must have done in dog (puppy) and cat behaviour to create Toothless' appeal. Pick one particular gesture or pose and try to describe it in animation terms (observational detail). That attentive sit down the dragon does to listen to Hiccup is classic (you can see the Iron Giant do it as well with Hogarth). In Toothless' case it is almost like a begging for food posture, very attentive, it communicates that the dragon is ready to interact...

  2. My 6 year old grandson has aspbergers autism and is bound and determined that I need to find him a manual on how to train his dragon, . I think that he wants one like Huccup was looking at in the movie . This little guy is extremely smart ( like kindergarten doing 3rd grade school work )and is obsessed with knowing HOW to train his dragon ...if I could draw I would make him one. He really lives in his own little world and cannot make friends..I would really like to find him something...any suggestions