Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuff I made this week

I've decided to try and post as many blogs as I can this year. It's my Chinese New Year resolution because I already have a New Year's one =P So here's the stuff I made/bought this week =)

1. & 2. I got a new bookshelf this week and stuck them on my desk.

3.I drew this guy in my book on Tuesday when my group was brainstorming ideas for our project and made him in 2 days. The creature is made from this really nice fabric and is filled with polyester fibre filling (I bought it in a bag from Riot today). I'm still trying to come up with a movable character that can work well in a stop-mo project. It was good to sew him because now I know what stitching is good/bad, how much stuffing to put in and what not to do...

4.I made a duck earlier this week and gave it to a friend then I tackled the abstract creature =] The duck is made from carpet material and is filled with beans (from a bean bag). The beans made on odd feeling when you squished it together, and they made a crackly noise.

5. Bought these from a discount store a couple of weeks ago. I plan to stitch them onto a bag sometime in the future.

I also have a few pages of concept sketches I wouldn't mind posting but at the moment do not have access to a scanner....


  1. Hey Cassie this stuff rocks. You should try selling 'em (like I did with my magnets).

    I think you'd be able make them move in a stop mo by starting with a wire armature, then sewing the stuff around it.

    I like the one-eyed squid!

  2. Thanks Corey! The wire idea is great =)