Monday, February 22, 2010

Tropfest and Acting

Tropfest was fantastic last night! There were some brilliant short films and it was a great night out. My favourite would definitely have to be the stop motion dice film called 'One'. It was really well done. I also found the 'Falling Backwards' film interesting because the whole film must have been filmed forwards then put on rewind. It was pretty trippy and something new I haven't seen before. I got a couple of photos of the night. The atmosphere was great! If you didn't go this year, make sure you go next year!!!

Last Friday in class Frank took us for some acting lessons. We did the do-si-do but as different things, old women, dogs, and I think everyone's favourite - zombies. And how did dancing zombies go? Well, they ate everyone. Never invite a zombie to a bushdance.


  1. Another excellent post. Practice your kung fu moves for 3D caharacter animation acting class on Friday!

  2. Tropfest was a good night out. I hope some animators get inspired to enter for 2011. Sheldon and Igor ( won the animation category this year. Go go Brisbane animation!