Monday, June 7, 2010

Horton Hears a Who

So, yesterday I was watching 'Horton Hears a Who', again, and I really do love this movie and the animation so here are a few things from the movie!

My favourite character, by far, is Katie. Adorable!

Progression reel! Acting, Blocking, Refining and Final Animation.
I love seeing how the acting by a human got turned into an elephant! And the Mayor look like such a fun character to animate. So many fun poses!

I also went and checked out Blue Sky studios website for internships, which they do, and found what they think the Do's and Don'ts of showreels are.

  • Consider your audience, put in quality work
  • Send demo reels in VHS/NTSC format or DVD (region-free)
    • Pop your tabs. Rewind your tape.
  • Put best work first on reel.
  • Keep it short (about 3 minutes).
  • Include a reel break down.
  • Label your tape or DVD clearly.
  • If submitting a reel, include drawings only if it will help your application.
  • Show acting (if applying for character animator).
    • Wire frames with solid motion are better than full textured renderings.
  • Simple and well done is better than complex and mediocre.
  • Only display your capabilities.
  • Focus your reel in one area.
  • Show someone in the industry your reel first (get honest feedback).
  • Show turn tables of models both completely shaded and wire framed (if applying for Modeler).
  • Clearly indicate your role on group projects.
  • Send inappropriate or plagiarized material.
  • Repeat animation.
  • Send large cumbersome packages.
  • Show work you don’t want to be asked to do.
  • Show work that shouldn’t be reviewed yet.

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  1. Great post! Good show reel tips. Apply for those internships.