Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3 Review

Yesterday I saw Toy Story 3 and I have to tell you, it was A-MAE-ZING!
 Wow. Pixar. Just keeps getting better and better. Their animation software just keeps getting better and better! Ahh how I would love to work for them...
Back to the movie (may contain spoilers...) 
Moments I loved

* At the beginning when Andy's original toys were discussing what happened to the other toys, how they got sold to yard sales etc. And the moment when they said Bo was gone, Heartbreaking!

* Buzz and Jessie's dance. Fantastic! When Jessie went around Buzz and through his arms, it was so fluid and fantastic!

* When the toys got sent to the dump and they knew there was no way out. They all just held hands and prepared for the end. A beautiful moment! That almost had me in tears.

* I also loved that Pixar didn't give away alot of the story in the trailers. I had no idea about who Lotso was, and that he would be the villain of the story. So I really loved finding that out. 

*When Andy handed his toys over to Bonnie. He was so reluctant and you could really relate to his emotions. But Bonnie was a fantastic little girl to receive his toys. 

*Ken and how they kept making fun of him being a 'girls toy'. Barbie and Ken were fantastic. And who knew Barbie was so smart?

*Also, slipping in Totoro. Genius!

The Day and Night short before the film was also great! I love the idea of 3D animation within a 2D animation. The sound effects and scenarios they chose to convey emotions was amazing. Totally loved it!

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  1. I agree Cassie. The film was really good. I loved Latino Buzz and the scenes with Andy and Bonnie. The story was so clear, a Pixar trademark.

    I saw it in 3D but, like Dragons, it didn't need it. I saw Shrek 4 a week earlier, even though it was entertaining and appealing, Toy Story trumped it as being another one to add to the animation library at home.